About Blue House Books

Blue House Books is a small company with big plans. We are Kenosha's only full-service bookstore, and the only indie bookstore within our neighboring cities.

We sell any and all books: fiction and nonfiction, from romance to politics. You suggest it, and we will stock it. We fully believe in your right to read, and we are here to support you in whatever you want to explore.

If you're at a loss for what to read next, let us make a suggestion!

Blue House Books has been operating since 2017. We started as a pop-up store selling used books at community events and local businesses. We slowly grew to a micro bookstore open five days a week, and finally opened our first permanent brick-and-mortar location in Downtown Kenosha in September 2020. Our plan is to grow our inventory and customer base over the next two to three years, and move to a bigger location by 2022.

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What's in a name?

Why Blue House Books? It all started with this thought: how do I want people to feel when they visit my store?

Warm. Connected. Welcome. Brave. Exploratory. Friendly. Curious. Loved.

My next thought: Where am I when I feel all these wonderful emotions? The answer was simple. My childhood home. The Blue House.

My parents created a home where everyone felt welcome and everyone wanted to hang out. Friends became family and family became closer. Our house was one of love and comfort, and that is exactly how I want people to feel when they visit Blue House Books.

Welcome Home.


Just so you know...

Please keep in mind that Blue House Books is completely run by Samantha Jacquest, owner, bookseller, business operator, financial planner, social media manager, and everything in between.

Please be patient with us (and when I say "us," I mean "me")!

We will respond to all queries and get all online orders as quickly as possible.