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Getting your book into Blue House Books

If you are an author who would like to inquire about getting your book on our shelves, please read carefully.

While we wish we had all the space in the world to carry everyone's book, unfortunately that's not the case. We must be very selective of the books we carry, as every inch of available space is precious to us. In addition, our customers trust us to have a well-curated inventory and only provide quality options to be added to their home library.

Please see below for our standards and guidelines for books to be considered in our inventory, and make sure your book fits all the criteria before contacting us.

  • Books must be professionally edited and designed.
  • Books must have the title and author on the spine (if applicable).
  • Books must fit in with our regular inventory. For example, we don't have an automotive section, so we likely wouldn't take a book about car maintenance.
  • Pricing must align with comparable titles. For example, we likely will not take an adult fiction paperback book that retails for more than $19, as that is generally the highest price for comparable titles.
  • We do not take books on consignment. We must believe your book will sell, because we only purchase at wholesale cost.
  • Our wholesale rates are 60/40: We pay you 60% of the retail price, and we keep the remaining 40% when we sell the book.
  • You must agree to promote that your book is available at Blue House Books on your social media, to friends and family, etc.

If you believe your book fits the above criteria, you may contact us using this submission form. Be sure to include the following:

  • Note that you read over this page and believe you comply with our standards and guidelines.
  • Include bibliographic information: title, author, ISBN, price, etc.
  • Let us know if you have any connections to Kenosha or surrounding communities
  • Let us know where the title is currently available for purchase for customers
  • Let us know where the title is currently available for wholesale purchase (through a publisher/distributor/the author)
  • Note any significant reviews or media attention

Do not make first contact in person, as we will send you back to this page and ask you to contact us via the submission form.

If your book does not fit the above criteria, there may still be opportunities for you to reach our readers, especially if you are local. We host multiple events for authors of varying experience, including a Local Author Fair in the fall and Aspiring Author Open Mic Nights. Check our event calendar for upcoming opportunities.


Hosting Author Events at Blue House Books

Blue House Books loves welcoming authors to our store for visits. To be considered for an event at Blue House Books, we will need the same information about your book(s) and require the same sales terms as listed above. Below are a few examples of types of events we arrange with authors. If you are interested in hosting an event with us, use this form to provide the required information about your book(s) and what type of event you are interested in hosting. We will get back to you after reviewing your query to let you know if we think you and your book(s) will make for a successful event at Blue House Books.

Meet & Greets: Typically during store hours, Meet & Greet events allow authors to chat with with readers and potential new readers. These events work best for emerging authors or authors who want to expand their reach, because you have access to our customers as they shop.

Reading & Signing: Our Reading & Signing events are typically held outside store hours. During these events, the author reads from their latest work, takes questions from the audience, and chats with readers. These events are typically better for authors that already have a strong following or that have a book comparable to popular titles at Blue House Books.

Custom Events: We are also happy to work with authors on custom events if you have something special in mind!