BOOK REVIEW: A cute rom com for all ages

I absolutely loved The Stand-In by Lily Chu book and couldn’t put it down because the characters were lovable and relatable and it was a really great, original story. 

Gracie Reed needs a change in her life after being fired from her job, so she takes a job as a stand-in for a famous actress for two months. In order to perform in this role, she has to spend time with actor Sam Yao, who she immediately doesn’t get along with. She decides to follow through, however, because she needs the money for her mother’s Alzheimer’s care. 

I loved this book so much because it’s everything I want in a cute romance. The characters were extremely lovable. Even the celebrity characters were well rounded and didn’t feel like caricatures. I couldn’t put this one down because I needed to know what happened to everyone. I actually want to see a sequel and a couple of spin offs with these characters. I loved living in their world.

I also enjoyed the flow of the story. There’s a little bit of an underlying mystery and the book is fast paced. The ending comes quickly, but it doesn’t feel too rushed. It’s also fairly PG, so although it’s an adult book, it would be a comfortable read for an older teen. There’s a brief mention of sex, but it doesn’t go into details. 

The Stand-In handles themes of mental health, fame, and family without playing too much into a trope. With romance books in particular, it’s easy to fall into a cliche, and while this book definitely has its moments, overall it was a very original story. 

I highly recommend The Stand-In if you're in the mood for a great rom-com with a bit of depth.

The Stand-In releases May 3, 2022. You can pre-order here!