Audiobooks, Ebooks, & More

Blue House Books allows readers to experience stories across all formats. By using the following links, your purchases of audiobooks, ebooks, and physical books from our sister store will all support your independent bookstore in Kenosha.


Listen to audiobooks on your mobile device. offers thousands of books. You can either purchase a monthly membership that includes one book and 30% off additional titles, or purchase single books. Happy listening!


Browse thousands of ebooks with this digital retailer. The Humming app--My Must Reads--is available on Apple and Android products, as well as on your Kindle and most other ereaders. is a sister shop to the Blue House Books online store. The goal of this company is to make indies a true competitor against major online retailers. With the support of Bookshop, I can better serve my amazing customers by having thousands of books readily available to for online orders. 

While we would still like for you to place special orders through Blue House Books (especially since most people come in to pick up their orders), Bookshop is available if you need to place an online order in a hurry but still want to support your local indie bookstore.