Discover a dark secret in this paranormal novel

By Abbie Ford & Samantha Jacquest

Hello readers! We are here to talk about the paranormal, locally-written, and magically-infused wonder of Dark Secret! This is the first in the Dark Secret series written by Kenosha author Danielle Rose. Expert readers (unofficial title, but appropriate) Sam Jacquest and Abbie Ford are going to tell you why you need to read this book STAT!

Sam: So, Abbie, what did you think of Dark Secret?

Abbie: I thought it was great! It was a cool twist on the paranormal genre - I liked the witches vs. vampires dynamic, and Ava gave me big “Buffy-crossed-with-Willow” vibes which I loved. I really enjoyed learning about the different witch covens in Darkhaven, and then seeing how Ava’s perceptions of things begin to change as she realizes everything she’s been taught isn’t strictly true.

S: Agreed! There’s definitely some history to this story that I hope we learn throughout the series. Seems like there’s some bad blood going on here.

What about the opening?! This story really came in hot in the beginning. Without giving too much away, we see a huge shift in Ava’s storyline early on. I definitely was not expecting that but it got me hooked right away.

A: Me either! I totally thought I had the concept pegged, but that twist got me! Danielle Rose does a great job of building a world and characters that pull you in.

Dark Secret is just the first book in its series - what characters or themes do you hope we get to see more of in the upcoming books?

S: My main curiosity is the history, as I mentioned. Obviously there are characters that we assume are evil and learn there is more to them. And the supposed good guys are definitely hiding secrets, too.

I also want to learn more about the vampires: We get a decent amount of history about Jasik, but what about the others? Why did they end up in Darkhaven?

Another big theme in this novel is familial relationships. Families are broken and created in this novel, how did you feel about these developments?

A: I thought that was very interesting - Ava deals with a lot of loss in her personal relationships, and that loss echos throughout a lot of her decisions.

S: And the elephant in the room--romance! In one word (in order to avoid spoilers), how do you feel about the love story that’s developing?

A: Ooh in one word, I think I’d say it feels dangerous and I’m excited to see where it goes!

S: “Dangerous,” that’s a good one! Speaking of danger, what did you think of the action scenes?

A: This book was super fast paced, and I think the action sequences really sped it along. When you look back at it, the majority of the story takes place over 3 or 4 nights, and there is a ton that happens!

Ava is also super badass and can totally hold her own in a fight which I absolutely love.

S: It’s crazy how well she can battle with the enemy, considering the enemy is supernaturally strong. Danielle Rose’s writing is so detailed and vivid, I was picturing the fight scenes like a movie in my head! It takes a lot of skill to write with that much vivid and logical detail.

OK, I think that’s all we can reveal without giving away too much. One of the best parts about this book is that it’s only the first of FIVE! So we have a lot more Ava to enjoy in the near future. Any closing thoughts, Abbie?

A: If you’re a fan of paranormal adventures like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you’re definitely going to want to check this one out!

S: Awesome! Dark Secret, the first of the Dark Haven series comes out NEXT WEEK on Tuesday, February 18. You won’t have to wait long for more Ava: books two and three come out in March and April!

Pre-order your copy of the books here:

Dark Secret - available February 18

Dark Magic - available March 10

Dark Promise - available April 14

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