Meet our panelists: Ebony Lewis

Get to know our International Women's Day panelists! Don't forget to join us on Saturday, March 7 to celebrate the amazing women of our community.

Event details:

Q: What do you do?

A: By day I am a director for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee. I am the author of Dear Black Boy: It’s Ok to Cry, I am a mental health advocate, motivational speaker, mentor, wife, and mother. I am dedicated to my community and the youth in it. I am an active member at Unity Gospel House of Prayer and I lead programming at St. Joan Antida High School.

Q: Why are you looking forward to participating in the IWD panel?

A: I am excited to share my insight on the joys of being a woman and discuss the many challenges we are faced with today. I am excited to share my work with others and hopefully inspire someone to do what is on their hearts to do with their treasure and talent.

Q: Why is it important to celebrate International Women’s Day?

A: It is important to celebrate International Women’s Day because women are magic and deserve to be celebrated and reminded of their power. As creators of life it is important that the rest of the world takes time to recognize just how powerful, strong and amazing women and girls everywhere are.

Q: How do you promote gender equality in your daily life?

A: Daily in the work I do. One of the programs I oversee at the Boys & Girls Clubs is our G.I.R.Ls (Growing Inspirational and Responsible Leaders) programming. It is through this outlet and my network that I promote gender equality.

Q: Who is a woman who inspires you and why?

A: My mother – because her strength never ceases to amaze me. I have watched her take on all of life, it’s ups and downs, while wearing a smile. I am because of her and I do because she always told me I could.

Q: What is your favorite book?

A: Milk & Honey by Rupi Kaur

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