BOOK REVIEW: The Immortalists

Our June book club selection, The Immortalists, was an unexpected favorite for all our members. The family saga spans several decades and across the U.S. to bring readers a story of love, fantasy, and the question of fate.

Visiting a fortune teller as children, four siblings are told the exact day they will die. With this foreshadowing knowledge looming over their every life decision, the siblings must decide if they are in control of their destiny, or if their fate is inevitable.

By Chloe Benjamin
The Immortalists

Many of our book club members were shocked by the descriptive passages of intimacy in the first chapter--both in good and bad ways. Although this is not a true representation of the rest of the book, it is appropriate for the context of the youngest of the four siblings, Simon. All our book club members agreed, we loved how the author broke up the book by following each sibling through their accomplishments, failures, discoveries, loves, and heartbreaks.

The biggest question of the book was, of course, were the fortune teller's predictions real? Is this a fantasy book or simply a family story? Of course I won't tell, but I would be interested to know what you think!

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