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Updated: Feb 27

Majesty is the second book in the “American Royals” series. As a forewarning, the following may contain spoilers from the first book, American Royals. I highly recommend reading the first book before continuing.

The United States has just lost their king, and Beatrice Washington has lost her father. She’s now queen, America’s first queen, and must work twice as hard as any man to gain her subject’s trust, all while mourning her immense loss. To more quickly win over her subjects, she decides to move forward with her arranged marriage to Lord Theodore Eaton, rather than run away with her secret love, Conner Markham, a commoner and the man she once called her bodyguard. However, Beatrice soon discovers there’s more to her fiancé Teddy than she realized.

Beatrice’s little sister, Samantha, already knew there was more to Teddy than meets the eye. In fact, they had been sneaking around together at the same time Beatrice was sneaking around with Conner, but now, Teddy has ended his relationship with Samantha in favor of forming a stronger bond with her sister. Naturally, Sam decides to take part in a fake relationship with Lord Marshall Davis to make Teddy jealous, something that can only end well.

Meanwhile, Sam’s best friend, Nina Gonzalez, is still nursing her wounds after breaking up with Sam’s twin brother, Jefferson. After being in a relationship with a prince, Nina’s realized she’d rather not be in the spotlight, so when Jeff’s commoner best friend, Ethan Beckett, approaches her as a friend, she readily accepts his kindness. However, their friendship soon evolves into more. Now, instead of struggling with a royal relationship, Nina has to struggle with dating her ex’s best friend.

Enter Daphne Deighton, Jeff’s ex and Nina’s archnemesis. She used everything she had to come between Jeff and Nina, and now she’s doing all she can to make sure they stay apart. A grieving Jeff is even more vulnerable to Daphne’s spells, and she knows this. Daphne will do whatever it takes to claw her way back into the palace, no matter who she has to knock down to get there.

I picked up American Royals when it first came out last fall and raced through it in just a few days, so when Katharine McGee announced there would be a second one, I knew I had to get in on the action. The idea behind it is fascinating, and what initially drew me to it, but not the focus of either of the books. This idea being America deciding to become a monarchy in 1776, rather than a democracy. Of course, there are bits and pieces mentioned about the politics, but if your true passion as a reader is to explore what America would look like with royals, this may not be the story for you. Now, if you love romance with multiple couples and plotlines overlapping, this is exactly the story for you.

One of my favorite writing styles is when the author tells the story from multiple points of view. It allows the reader to get to know the characters more intimately, as well as get background information she may otherwise miss out on. The only drawback to this form of writing is storylines and characters can get confusing if the author hasn’t done a good job of defining what’s what or who’s who. Katharine McGee does an outstanding job of this: each character is individually defined within her story and the others’ stories, and each has a very distinct personality, so the reader can tell who it is based purely on word choice, if need be.

If I had to pick who has the most distinct personality of the four main characters, it’d have to be Daphne. Of all the characters, Daphne is supposed to be the most villainous. However, McGee, like many of her modern peers, has done a wonderful job of humanizing Daphne for readers. In Majesty, I constantly found myself rooting both for and against her because of this humanization. I wanted her to find happiness, but it was like every time she took a step forward in the right direction with her intentions, she took two steps back with her actions. Nonetheless, I loved her as a character. Fingers crossed I get to see her evolve even more in a third book.

Fans of Will and Kate and Harry and Meghan who are looking for a new, but fictitious, royal romance will find solace in the invigorating pages of Majesty by Katharine McGee.

Casey Larsen is an avid reader, but if you ask her what her favorite book is, you will likely get a different answer every time. She currently works part time in human resources and is pursuing a degree in English with a concentration in Literature. She hopes to one day work at a publishing house, helping future writers fulfill their dreams of becoming published authors. Between working and studying, she loves spending time with her friends, binging Netflix, and cuddling with her black lab puppy, Loki.

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