Royal Romance(s): American Style

Updated: Feb 27

Majesty is the second book in the “American Royals” series. As a forewarning, the following may contain spoilers from the first book, American Royals. I highly recommend reading the first book before continuing.

The United States has just lost their king, and Beatrice Washington has lost her father. She’s now queen, America’s first queen, and must work twice as hard as any man to gain her subject’s trust, all while mourning her immense loss. To more quickly win over her subjects, she decides to move forward with her arranged marriage to Lord Theodore Eaton, rather than run away with her secret love, Conner Markham, a commoner and the man she once called her bodyguard. However, Beatrice soon discovers there’s more to her fiancé Teddy than she realized.

Beatrice’s little sister, Samantha, already knew there was more to Teddy than meets the eye. In fact, they had been sneaking around together at the same time Beatrice was sne