Married in Vegas? Nah, Divorced in Reno

Updated: Feb 27

Ward hasn’t lived in Reno, Nevada for nearly 50 years, but he remembers it like it was yesterday. And how could he not? In Better Luck Next Time, Ward spent his time there working on a dude ranch catering to women seeking divorce during a time when divorce was illegal in most states. He was bound to collect some good stories.

One of his better stories involves his escapades with Nina and Emily during their visit at The Flying Leap ranch in 1938. Nina is a regular client of the ranch and is back for her third divorce. An heiress and amateur pilot, her wild child personality is the complete opposite of Emily’s, whose craziest moment was when she decided to drive herself from San Francisco to Reno to leave her husband. Like the other clients, both women are there for a six week stay of pampering while waiting to become Reno “residents.” After that, a quick divorce and back to their respective homes they’ll go. While awaiting residency status, Nina teaches Emily how to loosen up and Emily teaches Nina that responsibility isn’t always a bad thing.

With most visitors, 24 year old Ward serves as a helping hand who isn’t b