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No Bad Deed: Book Review

By Danielle Rose

No Bad Deed by Heather Chavez

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Packed with the electrifying pacing and pulse-pounding suspense of Harlan Coben and Lisa Gardner, a thrilling debut about a mother desperate to find the connections between her missing husband and a deadly stalker who knows too much about her own dark family history.

Veterinarian Cassie Larkin is driving home late after performing surgery on repeat client, Lester, a golden retriever. It's rainy, dark, and the woods surrounding the narrow road give Cassie the heebie-jeebiesand then she stumbles upon what she believes is a typical car accident.

But when Cassie encounters a man and woman fighting on the side of the road, she is quickly proven wrong. Trained to assist in medical emergencies, Cassie makes the rash decision to ignore the 9-1-1 operator's advice, and she leaves the car, abandoning her keys in the ignition and her purse on the seat. Before the man steals Cassie's car, he says something that makes her very core shudder:

"Let her die, and I’ll let you live."

But Cassie doesn't let her die. She risks her life to save this stranger, and what ensues is a twisted, wicked game of cat-and-mouse.

No Bad Deed by Heather Chavez is a fast-paced, absolutely unputdownable thriller. While the writing is superb and the plot is enthralling, what really makes this book shine are the charactersand there are quite a few of them; however, they are well-developed and distinguishable, and I found myself rooting for them all. I experienced the emotional highs and lows, the love and doubt, the longing and desperation with them as I devoured each page. I was desperate to discover the answers to what really happened the night Cassie saved the woman on the side of the road, and I felt Cassie's agony as she struggled to find her missing husband (with very little help from anyone else).

What I appreciated most about this book was that Cassie was a smart, strong character, who didn't breakdown when I think many others would have. She remained the calm, intelligent woman the reader is introduced to in chapter one.

Overall, I absolutely recommend this one if you enjoy fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat thrillers.

Danielle Rose

Danielle Rose is a USA Today bestselling author, a book reviewer, an occasional editor, and an always Oxford comma enthusiast. She graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts in English from UW-Parkside, and in 2014, she obtained a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing from the University of Southern Maine. Currently, Danielle resides in the Midwest, where she lives with her husband and their five rescue pets. When she is not writing, she is usually reading, renovating and decorating her historic Victorian manor, or sating her wanderlust. More about Danielle can be found at www.droseauthor.com.

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