The wisdom of women

I think it's a well-accepted concept that women are much smarter than men, and I thoroughly enjoyed that concept on full display in The Godmothers by Camille Aubray.

Four women are forced to take over the legal and illegal businesses their family has been operating for decades in 1940s New York City. Petrina, eldest sibling of the prosperous Italian family, and her three sisters-in-law, Lucy, Amie, and Filomena, know the men in their life toe the line between small-time money lenders and violent gangsters, and when the brothers are forced away from home for different reasons, the women must make life-changing decisions to protect their children and each other.

My mother's ancestors came to America from Italy, and I was raised on stories of great uncles in the Chicago mafia, so reading this fictionalized telling of real mob bosses in the 1940s was so much fun. The story starts a decade earlier, detailing the background of each Godmother (so nicknamed because they become godmothers to each other's children) and how they came to be involved in the family's businesses. Each woman experienced their own hardships before becoming The Godmothers, from domestic abuse, to losing children, and paying the ultimate price for war. Each of the women have fascinating stories and a wonderful range of personalities, and Camille Aubray did a great job showing how women--whether strong and outspoken or soft and stoic--can handle their traumas and protect their loved ones. This was a very appropriate read during Women's History Month.

The Godmothers is full of family drama, gun fights, backroom casinos, and death plots. Every time I picked this book back up, I regretting ever having put it away, because there's drama and action on every page. The Godmothers is the perfect read for anyone who loves mob documentaries or is in the mood to read about strong women.

The Godmothers releases on June 16 and is available for pre-order at Blue House Books.

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