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Washington Post Best Book of the Year & a New York Times Notable Book

From the Pulitzer Prize���winning author of The Shipping News and Brokeback Mountain, comes the New York Times bestselling epic about the demise of the world�s forests: �Barkskins is grand entertainment in the tradition of Dickens and Tolstoy�the crowning achievement of Annie Proulx�s distinguished career, but also perhaps the greatest environmental novel ever written� (San Francisco Chronicle).

In the late seventeenth century two young Frenchmen, Ren� Sel and Charles Duquet, arrive in New France. Bound to a feudal lord for three years in exchange for land, they become wood-cutters�barkskins. Ren� suffers extraordinary hardship, oppressed by the forest he is charged with clearing. He is forced to marry a native woman and their descendants live trapped between two cultures. But Duquet runs away, becomes a fur trader, then sets up a timber business. Annie Proulx tells the stories of the descendants of Sel and Duquet over three hundred years�their travels across North America, to Europe, China, and New Zealand�the revenge of rivals, accidents, pestilence, Indian attacks, and cultural annihilation. Over and over, they seize what they can of a presumed infinite resource, leaving the modern-day characters face to face with possible ecological collapse.


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