A collection of startling tales and poems chosen by R.L. Stine


Best-selling author R.L. Stine likes all things scary, whether it’s a poem, song, cartoon, movie, or story told around a campfire or read at midnight by the light of a full moon. He likes the unpredictable, the surprising, the twist ending—all the elements he strives to put into each chapter of every book he’s written. Now, for the first time, R.L. Stine has gathered together a selection of works by his favorite scary authors and lets readers know the impact each story, or author, has made upon what and how he writes for children. Included in this collection are poems by Robert Service and Shel Silverstein, drawings by Edward Gorey and Jack Kamen, one of the master horror-comic artists, and stories from Ray Bradbury, Jane Yolen, Alvin Schwartz, William Sleator, and many others. To round it out, R.L. Stine also offers his own retelling of the chilling legend “The Golem,” plus three new, never-before-published scary tales.


So pull up a chair, get ready to laugh, scream, or cry, and enjoy one of the most unpredictable scary story treasuries of all time.


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