Lives will be lost, trust will be broken, and a dark curse will alter the course of Ava’s life forever.

Ava López is cursed. It’s been a month since a dark spell altered her life and left her little more than a powerless human. Before, she couldn’t imagine her life as both witch and vampire—now she’s living life as neither.

Ava is barely surviving her transition. She puts on a brave face so her vampire allies won’t worry, but inside, she’s empty. Each day, Ava must face the consequences of her actions, and as the void within her grows, it threatens to overpower what little sanity she has left.

But Ava has no time to face her inner turmoil. Threats loom on all sides, and if she doesn’t restore her vampirism soon, Ava and her friends are doomed. This time, she accepts that peace will only come from war.

Dark Curse: Darkhaven Saga Book 5 -- PRE-ORDER

SKU: 9781642631739
  • This title will be available October 27

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