Amy James was born in Illinois in the late 19th Century. She was the youngest of nine brothers and sisters, all of whom received college degrees. A determined and precocious child, Amy believed she was indomitable. In an unfortunate loss to her brother while playing keep away, she discovered this was not so. She wore her wound with pride throughout her life, a symbol of her ability to take on challenges regardless of the risk. By age fourteen she entered a collegiate teaching program and by sixteen was instructing grades 1-8 in a one-room schoolroom. Within a couple of years she met Clyde Correll and fell in love. Federal laws forbade married women to teach so Amy was forced to choose between the love of her life and her passion to teach. "The House on Thirty First" invites us to revisit the remarkable courage, fortitude and stamina faced by the men and women of the early 20th Century in the United States. Covering nearly 100 years, it is the epitome of a personal history lesson and an invitation into the life of a strong remarkable woman who did things her own way.

House on Thirty First Avenue

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