Have you been harmed by toxic religion? Learn how to recover and reclaim your life.


Psychologist Marlene Winell is uniquely qualified to address the subject of this book. In addition to her personal experience with leaving fundamentalist religion, she has worked with clients recovering from religion for 28 years. She is known for coining the term Religious Trauma Syndrome.


Leaving the Fold is a self-help book that examines the effects of authoritarian religion (fundamentalist Christianity in particular) on individuals who leave the faith. The concrete steps for healing are useful for anyone in recovery from toxic religion.

In this book you’ll discover:

• what you can expect about stages of religious recovery

• information about the key issues of recovery

• relevant family dynamics

• the power of manipulations

• motivations for belonging and for leaving religion

• specific steps for healing and reclaiming life

• further steps for rebuilding life in the present


Leaving the Fold is the only self-help psychology book on the subject of religious recovery. The accessible, compassionate writing is ideal for the reader who needs clear information and concrete help.


Buy Leaving the Fold and begin your healing journey today!

Leaving the Fold: Guide for Former Fundamentalists/Others Leaving Their Religion

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