From the famed publisher and poet, author of the million-copy-selling collection A Coney Island of the Mind, his literary last will and testament—part autobiography, part philosophical treatise, part Beat-inflected torrent of language and feeling

In this unapologetically unclassifiable work, Lawrence Ferlinghetti lets loose an exhilarating rush of language to craft what might be termed a closing statement about his highly significant and productive century on this planet. The “Little Boy” of the title is Ferlinghetti himself as a child, shuffled from his overburdened mother to his French aunt to foster childhood with a rich Bronxville family. Service in World War II (including the D-Day landing), graduate work, and a scholar’s vagabond life in Paris followed.

These biographical reminiscences are interweaved with high-energy bursts of raw emotion, rumination, reflection, and prognostication on what we may face as a species in the century that follows. Paying tribute to the classic writers whose careers Ferlinghetti championed, Little Boy is a magical font of literary lore, a final repository of hard-earned and durable wisdom, a compositional high-wire act without a net (or all that much punctuation), and just a gas and an inspiration to read.

Little Boy

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