Stranger Things meets Goosebumps! Even on a hot summer night, there can be chills around a campfire. For Ollie Carothers and his fellow campers, the goal was simple -- have the best time ever.


In the glow of the fire, stories are told, one camper to another. But are they just stories?


What snapped that branch?


Is that just a shadow?


What lurks beneath the surface of the swimming hole?


Could it really be ... Monsters?


Full of artwork by the author and perfect for readers 9 to 12 years old, this illustrated collection of short stories will sink its teeth into any reader and pull them through a Goonies level of monster-filled adventure! Though the stories are bit long to be shared out loud, they're perfect for hiding in your sleeping bag with a flashlight at summer camp.


Are you ready to find out what's lurking in the shadows?

Monsters Around the Campfire

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