Learn logic the fun way—with PUZZLES!

Find the missing pattern pieces. Break codes and secret messages. Discover visual connections. With ten chapters of puzzles, each with its own set of unique challenges, this book has all the logic and brain teasing fun a child could want!

Perfectly Logical helps curious kids ages 8-12 develop logical reasoning and critical thinking skills while having a blast (that’s the most important part). With puzzles that progressively increase in difficulty, this book engages and challenges kids for hours on end.

Inside this logic puzzles for kids book, you’ll find:

  • 100 skill-building logic puzzles for kids—Solve logic grids, crossword puzzles, matchstick puzzles, and so many more while sharpening critical thinking.
  • Easy-to-follow instructions—Descriptions of the skills your child will learn, plus kid-friendly instructions at the start of every chapter.
  • Next level—Take your skills to a new level with every problem you solve—each activity in this logic puzzles for kids book increases in difficulty from easy to medium to hard to up your game!

Ready, set, solve super fun and educational logic puzzles for kids!

Perfectly Logical!: Challenging Fun Brain Teasers & Logic Puzzles for Kids

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