Students will discover the joy and simplicity of cooking for themselves with 60 recipes for easy, delicious meals that can easily be made in any dorm room or shared apartment!

The Ultimate College Cookbook offers sixty recipes for everything from breakfast to weeknight cooking and weekend gatherings, on-campus or off. Each dish is designed to be cooked in a dorm-friendly appliance, including microwaves, toaster ovens, electric burners, rice cookers, and slow cookers.

Don’t miss Baked Ravioli Lasagna (use frozen ravioli instead of pasta sheets!), Hot Chocolate Lava Cakes (baked in individual mugs), and even perfect jammy eggs cooked in a tea kettle (add them to noodle soups in a pinch). And with variations for easy twists (upgrade your oatmeal to Pumpkin-Spice All-Nighter Oats, or turn garlicky roasted cauliflower into something new with chili-laced miso), there’s no chance of getting bored in the kitchen.

The Ultimate College Cookbook : Easy, Flavor-Forward Recipes for Your Campus...

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  • Available December 1, 2020

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