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"Hot enough to melt my kindle!" ~The Sassy Nerd 

How far would you go to ensure your secrets remain buried?

When James Blakely agreed to work as Jezebel Tate�s bodyguard, he gave everything he had to keep her safe?but he never expected that to include his heart. Now, James�s hidden past is emerging from the shadows, threatening everything he�s fought to protect and the life he�s creating with Jezebel.

Jezebel�s recovering well from the trauma of her encounter with an obsessed fan, and she�s focusing her renewed strength on helping James confront the demons that haunt him. But James knows these demons still exist, and he fears what Jezebel doesn�t know could pose the greatest danger of all.

Truth We Bear

SKU: 9781642631777
  • Danielle Rose
  • Paperback